Friday, February 7, 2014

Olympic Spirit

The Olympics

All my friends know I go absolutely gaga for the Olympics. In fact my husband and I started dating during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Some of our first dates were actually spent on my couch watching the games and me giddy over a combination of dating this great guy and catching my favorite sporting event that comes around every other year.

While I love the flash of the Summer Games and its high profile events like gymnastics, swimming and soccer. The Winter Olympics are my favorite having grown up playing in snow forts and skiing all winter long at my family's cabin in upstate New York.

My favorite events are downhill skiing, moguls, bobsled, skeleton, hockey and figure skating. I remember tearing up watching Tara Lipinski win her gold medal to the Anastasia Soundtrack and cheering for Lindsey Vonn in the 2010 games. Johnny Moseley was a god to me powering down the mogul track and throwing insane tricks in there and let's be honest "Cool Runnings" and "Miracle" are two of my favorite sports movies every made (and they are about the Winter Games).

This past summer, I asked my family if our trip to Japan could include Nagano. I was so excited to see the place of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games and found myself posing in front of Olympic posters and giddy over the Olympic manhole covers.
The manhole covers in Nagano
If you are looking for me over these next few weeks I am most likely in front of my TV watching the games. I am also excited that I get to spend a weekend skiing with my family and taking the games in at night on the mountain. What's your favorite part of the Winter Games?
Me in Nagano this past summer.


  1. I did almost the same exact post today & picked the Nike Wool hoodie too. Love your picks almost as much as I love the Olympics in general :)

    1. Thanks Bri! I have been DVRing everything so I can catch up! I was out of town this weekend and barely saw anything!! The suspense is too much.


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