Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's in my Bag? - Fall Beach Edition

With Labor Day behind us, many folks feel that summer is over, but with warm temperatures continuing along both coasts, September is still a lovely time to take in an afternoon at the beach. Often I start to enjoy the beach more as the temperatures drop back down because they become much less crowded and there is something so refreshing about cool salty air blowing your hair back.

So what do you take to the beach for an early fall/late summer day? Well in my beach bag you will always find my kindle, sunblock and water bottle, but as temperatures drop you will also start to see a sweatshirt or Lulu jacket, light weight scarf, light blanket to accompany my towel and chair, and a baseball cap to keep my hair down with the breeze instead of my straw fedora which has a tendency to get blown around in the wind.

What's in my Bag? Fall Beach Bag Edition

Since I live in Southern California, September and October can still be very warm, so I will of course still rock my bathing suit to the beach because it may be warm enough to get some sun, but I will almost always pair with a few light layers so that I can customize how warm I want to be.

What do you think of Fall days at the beach? What are you always sure to have with you?

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