Monday, October 20, 2014

Style Inspo: Madonna

Style Inspo... Madonna

This month's Style Inspo cover girl is Madonna. Madonna has found a way to constantly reinvent herself over the years and this material girl has always been brave her in fashion choices. If only we all could be so self confident in our fashion choices day in and out.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Sometimes all you need for a perfect Halloween costume is to look inside your closet. And sometimes you just need to order the perfect costume. Choices 1 to 3 are those that you can easily recreate yourself while choice 4 is my costume this year.

You can often recreate famous movie characters for costumes like choice 1 from Risky Business and choice 2 as Elle from Legally Blonde. For Risky Business, all you need is a man's button down shirt, some crew socks and your Raybans. This is easily accomplished by raiding your man's closet. For Elle, just grab anything pink in your closet. Throw on your jewels, sport pink head to toe, grab a great blonde wig and carry around a Law textbook or two and you are all set.

Other options include characters from childhood, like Wanda of Where's Waldo fame. All you need is a red stripe shirt and jean skirt, with black flats. All you need to buy are a knit hat, stripe socks and black rim glasses.

Finally my choice for this year is to be a Rockford Peach. I have been wanting to be a peach for years and finally got my wish when the costume was finally sanctioned for mass production. The costume comes with the belt, dress and hat, so I added my Keds and red softball socks from my closet and grabbed my catchers glove. The only other thing I needed were red compression shorts.

So what are you doing for Halloween? Are you purchasing or DIYing?

Top 10 Playlist

Top 10 Playlist

This month's playlist makes it easy to hit the treadmill or elliptical at the gym. It's bouncy and fun. Perfect for getting ready for my half marathon next month.
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