Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's on my Kindle? - January Edition

What's on my Kindle? - January 2015

What's On My Kindle?

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine
(c/o St. Martin's Press)
I am not a huge music fanatic. I love all genres of music, but to be honest, I know the least about the punk movement. Still, I was very excited when St. Martin's Press offered to send me a copy of Viv Albertine's autobiography. I am fascinated by history and music history is no exception. That was always my favorite music class in school. Albertine's book reads very quickly and is a great history of London during the rise of the punk movement. I was fascinated by how interlinked so many of the great bands were interlinked together through school, relationships and sheer coincidence. I was finding myself read this book at any moment I could spare.
4.5 snaps for me!

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles
This book was one I couldn't put down from start to finish. The story of Kate Kontent and her friends following the Great Depression and Prohibition and leading up to WWII was fascinating. What life was like in NY during this time is a period so often not written about and yet so intriguing. The story was one of so many twists and turns that I could hardly wait to see what happened next. If you are a fan of the flapper era through the 1940s this is a great book for you.
5 snaps without question!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Instagram Round Up

This month's Instagram Round up is the start of my New Year's resolution to snap a #photoaday. Feel free to follow along with me! These are some of my favorite snaps over the month of January!

Making a 2015 on the ice New Year's Day!

Love my pups!

Beggar for some pizza.

Layover in Denver on our way home

I'm drinking water 24/7. Especially throughout the night.

Warm blanket and fuzzy slippers make evenings heaven.

Snuggle time with this guy makes everyday better.

Had to laugh out loud at these absurd poses. God I hate Brady.

Kindle time in bed on a Saturday morning.

My heart melted watching Dan talk with our nephew Max

We've been having such beautiful sunsets lately.

Shopping with my mother in law a few weeks ago.

Girl's night with my sister in law, Laura, required frozen yogurt.

Busy planning for a region SWE meeting.

Cheshire Cat Moon a few days ago.

Best sunset yet.

Friday, January 30, 2015

What Does Your Workwear Say About You?

What Does Your Workwear Say About You?

For most of us, we spend Monday through Friday in an office. That means that most of our wardrobes are dedicated to looking our best at our 9 to 5 jobs. But have you ever stopped to think about what your workwear says about you? Are you living up to your company's culture and expectations? Are you dressing for the job you have or the job you want?
I work in a pretty casual environment. As an engineer many of my colleagues wear jeans to work everyday. Compounding an engineering job with the laid back approach of Southern California, very few folks wear more traditional workwear to the office. But there is something that you notice as you advance. The folks that are in meetings with directors, VPs and customers, dress more formally than the folks that spend more time at their desks or with their peers each day.
Honestly it was a hard adjustment for me, going to a more casual environment. Growing up in NYC, my high school had a uniform and dress down days were business casual. My wardrobe was primarily tailored shirts, pencil skirts and black dress pants. The few times I have been pushed into jeans at work, I was thrown for a loop. In fact, working in the desert for six months last year made me crave getting back into more traditional business attire.
I think there is something to be said about dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. It can never hurt you to be overdressed. What if you are called into a meeting last second with your boss's boss? Do you want to be in the underdressed or overdressed category?
While we hope that no one judges based on appearance, you know that is far from the truth. We all do it. It's part of human nature. So put yourself in the position to be best dressed at work. The extra effort could pay off in major dividends. 
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